IR-RADIANT CALEFACCIÓN INFRARROJOS S.L. It’s a novel system of infrared or radiant heating, low consumption, environmentally friendly and easy to install.


Radiant heating panels has a lower consumption (saving between 30%-50% over conventional heating systems). It won’t be necessary to increase the home contracted power. 

Finance your infrared heater purchase from 60€ per month. For more information, contact us calling the toll free number 900 494916

Infrared Heating is an electric heating system, which is suitable for installation in bathrooms and wet rooms.

Silent heating system, does not release any dust or emissions, does not make noise, nor vibrations. No maintenance required, neither reviews nor inspections.

Radiant heating panels are easy to install, do not require work for installation. It is easy, direct to plug-in to electric power network. Also they have small size and a light weight.


WE ARE LOOKING FOR ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION COMPANIES in the whole country to attend the projects we are developing now. If you are an installer and you would want to work with us, contact us calling the toll free number  900 49 49 16 or 91 266 50 44, or write us :