Advantages of infrared heating

High saving and energy efficiency

Infrared heating gets 30% – 50% savings over other systems:

  • lower installation costs.
  • less power required per m2. As not heating the air, we do not have to consider m3.
  • Lower consumption, since heating is by radiation and not by convection.
  • No maintenance, nor additional expense of gas or fuel.

The heat produced by infrared heating is immediate, which maximizes efficiency and minimizes losses due to insulation problems or when ventilating the rooms.

Having no moving parts, the risks of breakdown do not exist, so it increases its useful life.

It is recommended to install independent thermostats in each room for saving energy without reducing comfort.

Since heating directly to people, in a few minutes we already have a very nice warm sensation, so we recommend that you have the heating on only the time and at the places where you are inside the house, while in the rest of the rooms may have it off.

Easy to install and
maintenance free

The infrared heating plates have a low installation cost: without conduits, pipes, or auxiliary equipment. Only install them on the roof. And connect them to the electrical network through a thermostat.

Maintenance free, as there are no moving or consumable parts that have to be replaced. No weak points with the risk of breakdown. Without revisions.

The installation can be done individually and independently per room, which makes it easily expandable and fits all budgets.

Once installed, if you want to change the location or even your home, you just have to take it apart and assemble it in the new place. Ideal for second homes or rented houses because it is the only heating system that you can take off when you change your home. Take your investment with you!.


The infrared heating system generates heat without burning any type of fuel, then does not generate CO2 emissions. Preserves the environment.

Its high efficiency and low consumption mean that the ecological footprint of the home where it is installed is reduced.

The infrared heat plates do not generate waste, as they have no moving or consumable parts that need to be replaced.

Due to the absence of moving parts, its useful life is greater than in other systems, which indirectly also results in its low pollutant profile.

Almost 95% of the materials from the plates are recyclable so that at the end of their life cycle the waste is minimal.

Health benefits

The infrared heating system heats by radiation and not by convection, which prevents displacement of air inside the room and with it, the circulation of dust and/or mites. This makes it the ideal heating system for people with allergies, respiratory problems or asthma.

Reduces anxiety and stress, chronic fatigue and depression.

Effective in treatments and therapies against pain: contractures, arthritis, fibromyalgia … due to its vasodilator effect on the circulatory system and muscular distension.

It improves the immune system, thanks to the activation of the cells and the improvement of blood flow.

Used in anti-aging treatments for its antioxidant properties and its beneficial effects on metabolism.

Other benefits

The infrared heating system does not produce air circulation, nor does it heat it directly, so does not dry out the environment, and prevents its stratification, generating a more comfortable heat. It also does not have condensation problems.

As infrared waves strike the walls, it heats them superficially, just like the rest of surroundings. This helps to reduce humidity, preventing the proliferation of fungi.

The lack of active parts and the fact that they are suspended from the ceiling makes them perfect for wet enclosures such as the bathroom.

Infrared radiation does not emit gases, odors, lights, noises or vibrations. In fact, you can perceive nothing except for a pleasant sensation of warmth.

Aesthetically, they have perfectly integrated into any environment thanks to their narrow profile and a design of pure and elegant lines. Since they are placed on the ceiling, they do not take up any useful space and go practically unnoticed. Remember that any conventional heating cannot be placed anywhere less than 1 m2, so infrared heating makes us increase meters in our home. What is the m2 worth in your city?


Infrared heat plates only consume electrical energy, without fuels or gases that can cause leaks.

Since are not heated by combustion, they do not produce smoke, gas or CO2 emissions that could be toxic to people or animals around them.

It is a totally safe heating system without any risk of fire, as it does not have a flame, nor does it overheat the surface. In fact, it does not even burn to the touch, which is especially interesting for example in the under table plates.

The risk of accidents is minimal. Infrared heat plates have no mobile or accessible parts that can cause cuts or entrapments.

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