IR Radiant’s indoor heating system combines the elegance of pure line design with the highest technology of infrared radiation. The plates, with a slender profile of only 2.1 cm and very low weight, have to be installed on the ceiling. From there, they emit an infrared radiation with an opening of 45º that affects the people and objects of the room, providing the heat demanded where and when it is needed.

indoor infrared heating plates models

We manufacture two types of plates, to hang on the ceiling or to integrate them in technical ceilings or Amstrong ceilings type. Both in various powers and sizes to give a solution to all types of spaces and needs.

Standard model in white, any other color range on special request.

IR60-1 1,31 450 458 59,8×59,8×2 2,4
IR90-2 1,97 600 618 89,8×59,8×2 3,3
IR120-3 2,62 750 773 119,8×59,8×2 4,4
IR150-4 3,34 900 925 149,8×59,8×2 5,2

How infrared heating works

The heat obtained from the infrared heating plates is transmitted by radiation and not by convection. It is a very pleasant heat, with a high degree of comfort.

Conventional heating systems heat by convection, usually transmitting heat from the lower part of the room (radiators, stoves, underfloor heating). The hot air rises to the top, which moves the cold air down causing an uncomfortable circulation. Over time a balance is established, with the heat stratified in layers. The balance is broken at the moment the device is turned off or a door is opened. The performance of these systems is greatly reduced with poor insulation of doors and windows or with high ceilings.

Comparativa-conveccion-vs-infrarrojosIn the case of infrared heating, the heat is produced by radiation. The infrared waves affect directly the bodies that they find in their reach, penetrating a few millimeters and provoking in them a superficial heating similar to that is caused by the sun’s rays. By not heating the environment, there are no displacements of airbags or stratification, and the heating process is much faster (instantaneous, in fact). Thermal inertia is reduced to a minimum, efficiency is maximized by providing heat where and when it is needed.


Completely Modular system

IR Radiant Heating Infrared Heating can be installed independently by rooms. Since the heat is practically instantaneous, it saves energy by using only those that you need at any time. To take full advantage of the energy savings of this system, it is recommended to install chrono-thermostats per stay. This will allow improving efficiency in a simple way.

Energy saving
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