What kind of outdoor infrared heating do I need?

The IR Radiant outdoor heating system is the ideal solution for you thanks to infrared technology. Thus, it manages to warm patios and outdoor terraces, but also high-rise industrial buildings and large spaces that are difficult to heat, such as gyms, shopping centers, concert halls, sports halls, churches or stadiums. Come and know us.


Outdoor infrared heating, heat, there where it is needed

The infrared technology allows to heat the objects that are in the field of action of the emitters directly by radiation, and not by convection. In this way, heat is produced directly where it is needed. The heat is transmitted in a more homogeneous and uniform way, reaching further than with any other system.

Comparative outdoor infrared heating vs. other heating systems.

gas vs infrarrojos

Gas Stove

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calefaccion infrarrojos exterior

Conventional heater

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calefaccion infrarrojos exterior

Infrared Heating

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shortwave infrared heating and longwave infrared heatingTWO OPTIONS, A WORLD OF POSSIBILITIES

In the wide range of IR Radiant solutions, you will find two types of outdoor infrared heaters. In this way, we can adapt and offer the most appropriate solution to your needs.

  • Shortwave infrared lamps
  • Longwave infrared emitters

You can always count on technical advice from our professionals. In any case, now we will indicate some points that will help you choose the infrared heating system that best suits your project.

Longwave outdoor infrared heating

Inspired by the infrared indoor panels and with a sober, elegant and modern design, they are the perfect solution for semi-covered porches, patios, and terraces.


  • To heat spaces up to 3 mt in height.
  • The infrared emitters are robust and very resistant, its IP4.4 makes it possible to be placed outdoors, although must be kept off the rain.
  • They heat up very quickly, though not instantaneously. In fact, its heat begins to be noticed at about 5 minutes.
  • They do not emit any light, so they are especially recommended for spaces where you want a discreet environment.

Shortwave outdoor infrared heating

Ideal for heating high-rise spaces and large spaces such as outdoor dining rooms, factories, industrial buildings, concert halls, stadiums, sports halls, churches, gyms, etc.


  • To heat spaces up to 10 m in height.
  • With an IP 5.5 that makes them resistant to the inclemencies of cold and rain, without deteriorating or damage.
  • They heat up instantaneously.
  • The lamps emit a soft reddish glow, which we have managed to reduce by up to 50%.

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