The IR Radiant Infrared Under Table Hot Plate is a new and revolutionary product that we are very proud of. With the same general characteristics as the indoor plates, we have reduced its power and size to be able to attach it to tables and desks to provide that pleasant heat from the knees to the feet that we miss with traditional heating systems. Ideal as a complement to the heating system of the room, or for locations that are difficult to heat (supermarket checkouts, sales or reception counters, etc.).


Under table heating, the best option

The under-table heating plate measures 80x40x2.1 cm and weighs about 2 kg, so it can be attached to tables and desks without difficulty. Its 240 w of power make the Under Table infrared heating plate the lowest consumption heater on the market. Any heater used for these cases exceeds 1000 w. This comes to solve the problems in large offices when users place heaters that in some cases reach 2000 W of power, thus tripping the power control devices.

In addition, because we know that the safety of your home and yours comes first, you must know that there is no risk of fire or toxic emissions. Without a doubt, a compelling reason when considering this system above any other.


Infrared heating plates Under Table

Sólo 240 w de potencia

The most efficient small format heater

Sin riesgo de incendio

It does not produce a flame, it does not even burn to the touch.

Sin ocupar espacio útil

You will only notice a pleasant warmth in the knees and feet

Foto Bajo Mesa Nueva con regulado de potencia

– Avoid direct and prolonged contact with any part of the body with the plate once it is turned on.
– For proper use of the plate, the distance between it and any part of the body must be greater than 5 cm.

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Download the Technical Sheet of our Under Table Infrared Plate

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